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The Heart Of Dixie Chords

The Heart Of Dixie Chords Lyrics Capo 1 Version.

Intro : F Am Bb Am | C (2 times)
                    F              Am        Bb           C
She had a dead end job at the national bank.
               F             Am              Bb         C
And a deadbeat husband who always drank.
                      F                Am                        Bb        C
So when he didn’t come home she had the gin to thank.
             Dm   C   F   Bb        Dm                 C                  F         G
For the tears in her eyes So Dixie packed up and said her goodbyes.
                        F       Bb    C 
*And she went driving so far away nobody’s gonna find her.
F   Bb        C 
Flyin’ just fast enough to leave it all behind her.
Dm                         C                             F                      Bb
But she didn’t know ’til she hit the road, deep in her soul.
She’s got the fire and the fight of the gypsy.
Bb                                                                F Am Bb Am C
Ain’t nothing stronger than the heart of Dixie.
                           F Am Bb Am C 
The heart of Dixie.                     
          F            Am                 Bb             C
It’s a funny thing when your world falls down.
                 F                     Am                    Bb    C
It’s got a way of showing you what you’re all about.
           F                      Am      Bb        C
Now Dixie’s got her wheels pointed south.
                     Dm      C   F     Bb          Dm              C                  F         G
And she ain’t never looking back And nobody knew she must leave like that.
Repeat (*)
                           Dm C F Bb
The heart of Dixie.   
            F             Am           Bb          C
Yeah Dixie woke up to the truth one day.
                          F            Am                Bb         C
Grabbed her cheap sun glasses and a lipstick case.
Repeat (*)
                           F Am Bb Am C                  F Am Bb Am C 
The heart of Dixie                      Ooh ooh ooh.
                           F Am Bb Am C       F
The heart of Dixie                      Oh oh.
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